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Experience Unparalleled Precision and Versatility with ABB Industrial Robots, powered by the advanced IRC5 and OmniCore robot controllers. Our comprehensive lineup includes the IRB, CRB, IRB Paint, IRB Delta, IRB SCARA robots, as well as the cutting-edge AMR Flexley Tug Mover Stack. Each model is meticulously engineered to revolutionize your automation processes, delivering exceptional performance, flexibility, and efficiency.


  • IRC5 and OmniCore Robot Controllers: The IRC5 and OmniCore controllers serve as the brain behind ABB's robotic systems, providing state-of-the-art motion control, unrivaled accuracy, and seamless integration capabilities. The IRC5 boasts advanced programming options and reliable connectivity, while the OmniCore brings unmatched computational power and real-time performance, enabling seamless collaboration between robots and humans.

  • IRB Series: ABB's IRB Series offers a diverse range of industrial robots, optimized for various applications. From the agile IRB 120 for lightweight assembly tasks to the high payload IRB 8700 for heavy-duty handling, these robots deliver unparalleled precision and efficiency in material handling, machine tending, and arc welding operations.

  • CRB Series: Collaborative and intelligent, ABB's CRB Series robots are designed for safe and seamless human-robot collaboration. Equipped with advanced safety features and intuitive programming, these robots can work side by side with human operators, enhancing productivity and flexibility in your production processes.

  • IRB Paint Series: ABB's IRB Paint robots are specialized for painting and coating applications. With precise motion control and exceptional path accuracy, these robots ensure flawless finishes and reduced material waste, elevating the quality of your painted products.

  • IRB Delta Series: Offering high-speed and dexterous performance, the IRB Delta robots are ideal for pick-and-place tasks, packaging, and assembly operations. Their parallel kinematic design allows for rapid movements and unparalleled performance in applications requiring quick cycle times.

  • IRB SCARA Series: ABB's IRB SCARA robots are optimized for applications that demand precise and repeatable movements in a horizontal plane. With their compact footprint and high-speed capabilities, these robots are perfect for assembly, material handling, and machine tending tasks, streamlining your production lines.

  • AMR Flexley Tug Mover Stack: ABB's AMR Flexley Tug Mover Stack represents the cutting edge of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). These intelligent and adaptable robots optimize material flow and logistics in your facility, effortlessly moving payloads, and ensuring smooth operations with minimal human intervention.


With ABB's commitment to innovation and quality, our industrial robots are designed to enhance your manufacturing processes, boost productivity, and optimize uptime. Seamlessly integrate IRC5 and OmniCore-powered robots into your production environment and elevate your automation solutions to new heights. Contact us today to explore the vast potential of IRB, CRB, IRB Paint, IRB Delta, IRB SCARA, and AMR Flexley Tug Mover Stack robots, and embrace the future of automation with ABB Industrial Robots.

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