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The DOBOT Magician E6 is a versatile and compact 6-axis cobot designed specifically for educational and scientific research purposes. Built to deliver industrial-grade performance, it offers a robust platform for learning and conducting experiments. The Magician E6 is compatible with a wide range of industrial accessories, allowing users to explore precise automation scenarios.

Prioritizing safety during operation, the Magician E6 boasts a streamlined body design and collision detection capabilities. Its user-friendly light indicator ring provides convenient monitoring of the robot's status, ensuring a seamless experience.


Thanks to its compact and lightweight build, the Magician E6 can be effortlessly installed on a desk, making it perfect for classrooms and research environments. The built-in control box simplifies external wiring, facilitating a plug-and-play setup.


The Magician E6 incorporates innovative trajectory replay technology, eliminating the need for coding through its drag-to-teach programming feature. It offers multiple programming options, including an intuitive graphical interface, graphical block programming similar to Scratch, scripting using languages like LUA, and compatibility with various APIs such as C, C#, Python, Kotlin, and more. These features make it accessible for users of all skill levels to learn and master robot operations.


Equipped with comprehensive features and educational resources, the Magician E6 unlocks new possibilities in robotics education. It serves as an ideal platform for exploring AI, smart manufacturing, and other fields of study. By providing immersive learning experiences and fostering innovation, the Magician E6 empowers users to embrace the future of robotics.

Dobot Magician E6

  • Weight ≤7.2 kg
    Number of Axes 6
    Payload 500 g
    Working Radius 450 mm
    Repeatability ±0.1 mm
    Maximum Speed of TCP 0.5 m/s
    Range of Joint J1 ±360°
    Range of Joint J2 ±135°
    Range of Joint J3 ±154°
    Range of Joint J4 ±160°
    Range of Joint J5 ±173°
    Range of Joint J6 ±360°
    Maximum joint speed 120°/s
    Power 100V~240V AC, 50/60 Hz
    Rated Voltage 48V DC, 5A
    Power Consumption 130W

    I/O Interface Communication


    Ethernet 2 for TCP/IP and Modbus TCP communication

    I/O Interface 

    Arm Tip 

    DI x 2, DO x 2, 24V x 1, GND x 1

    I/O Interface


    DI x 16, DO x 16, 24V x 4, GND x 4
    I/O Power 24V, Max 2A, Max 0.5A for each channel
    External Interface EMO x 1, ABZ encoder x 1, Power connector x 1



    DobotStudio Pro
    IP Rating             IP20
    Base Dimensions 162 mm x 120 mm x 103 mm
    Working Environment Temperature: 0° to 40° C. Humidity: 25 to 85% noncondensing
    Noise 60dB(A)



    Materials Aluminum alloy, ABS plastic


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