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In advancing Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC), KUKA emerges as an experienced and robust ally, dedicated to forging the ultimate synergy between humans and robots. The LBR iisy stands out as a versatile contributor, proficient in both independent operation and seamless integration into HRC workflows.

HRC streamlines the utilization, integration, and programming of robots, providing a straightforward means to swiftly adapt robotic applications to diverse needs. Through the utilization of features such as hand guiding, modifying the programming becomes effortless, facilitating quick adjustments, especially in scenarios involving dynamic workpieces.

The proficiency of the LBR iisy extends beyond HRC scenarios, demonstrating excellence in non-HRC tasks where performance is of utmost importance. In instances where human presence is absent, the LBR iisy operates at optimal speed, contributing to enhanced productivity.

Establishing a significant presence in the industry, the LBR iisy stands as a proven collaborative robot, boasting an unmatched service life within the robotics domain. It serves as a testament to reliable components intricately woven with industrial technology, a reliability proven through years of service.

This collaborative robot is meticulously tailored to meet diverse customer demands regarding payload capacity and reach. Its capabilities span from handling lightweight tasks (3 kg) to more intricate duties involving handling, assembly, and machine tending (6, 8, 11, and 15 kg).

As an ideal solution for users of all skill levels, the compact cobot facilitates swift deployment, adaptability, and easy reconfiguration. Its feature-rich flexibility empowers users to respond promptly to evolving demands, extracting maximum value from the system.

Operating on the latest KUKA system software, iiQKA.OS, and supported by the extensive iiQKA Robotics Republic ecosystem, the LBR iisy allows for the seamless expansion of its capabilities through various system components like grippers.

The KUKA experience provides a user-friendly out-of-the-box setup, enabling quick programming for straightforward applications within just 30 minutes. The automation of numerous tasks through robots demands minimal technical expertise, ensuring accessibility for skilled workers to swiftly adapt to new responsibilities.


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