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  • Boost productivity and cost savings with an extended operating range for any robot.
  • Directly access positioning within the robot controller, allowing for seamless control via an external PLC.
  • Experience vibration-free and virtually maintenance-free movement for optimized operations.
  • Achieve compatibility with VISUAL COMPONENT software, facilitating smooth integration into your automation environment.


  • A versatile and general-purpose unit, ensuring adaptability for various applications.
  • Delivered as a ready-to-use complete system, streamlining installation and setup.
  • Simple connection to the robot via the TCP/IP protocol on a standard Ethernet port.
  • Equipped with a fully integrated script library, enabling direct and effortless control of the lifting column.
  • Robust column design, engineered to meet the demands of industrial use.

In numerous industries, robots perform critical tasks like palletizing, material handling, inspection, and construction. However, they often face limitations when their arm is fully extended at a certain height. Enter LIFTKIT, an easy-to-assemble solution that extends the reach of the robot along a vertical axis. By raising or lowering the robot's base during operation, it stays in an optimal working position, thereby significantly increasing its range, resulting in enhanced productivity and reduced costs.


LIFTKIT-0S stands as a comprehensive, ready-to-install system, comprising a lifting column and a control unit that connects seamlessly to the robot via an Ethernet port. This setup allows for simple programming and control through a standard TCP/IP protocol using fully integrated script commands. With this straightforward approach, complex and precise motion tasks become achievable with ease.


Safety is paramount, and the LIFTKIT-0S ensures it with redundant safety-certified relays for a secure stop procedure during operation, tied to the robot's safety output ports.


For added convenience, the LIFTKIT-0S is delivered with a bottom mounting plate. To complete the setup, an upper custom plate (not included) is required to connect the robot to the lifting column.

LIFTKIT-0S Ewellix Lifting collumn

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