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  • Expand the operating range of a cobot
  • Compatible with DOBOT robot series and others
  • No hardware/software development needed
  • Direct positioning access within a DOBOT-controlled environment
  • Enhanced positioning speed to boost productivity and cost savings


  • Certified horizontal positioning axis
  • Ready to use complete system solution
  • Software plugin for DOBOT control system included
  • High level of positioning precision and repeatability
  • Very low noise during operation

Numerous applications often require covering long distances for tasks such as finishing, welding, and parts inspection. These repetitive tasks, traditionally executed manually, are time-consuming and provide little added value for operators.

By incorporating a linear module as a dynamic base for the DOBOT robot, the SLIDEKIT 2.0 extends the robot's handling area, significantly increasing productivity and output quality.


The SLIDEKIT 2.0 ensures quick and easy installation with its standardized mechanical, electrical, and software interface, specifically tailored for DOBOT robots. The system becomes operational in just a few steps, with simple programming during operation.

Furthermore, SLIDEKIT is available in a general-purpose variant that utilizes straightforward digital I/Os to control motion, making it compatible with other cobot brands. This versatility allows for cost-effective upgrades in existing assembly shops, transitioning from manual handling to a fully automated production line.

Combining DOBOT robots with the SLIDEKIT 2.0 linear module offers a compelling solution to upgrade existing assembly processes into highly efficient and automated workflows.


The SLIDEKIT 2.0 release features numerous improvements compared to its previous version, including heightened system reactivity, stability, reduced noise during operation, and optimized design for limit switches and re-lubrication points.

Moreover, SLIDEKIT seamlessly integrates with VISUAL COMPONENT software, providing comprehensive support for a wide range of industrial automation applications in conjunction with DOBOT robots.

SLIDEKIT 2.0 Ewellix Linear rail

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