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P200-2 is a versatile solution designed to handle complicated material handling tasks in the manufacturing facilities. It is built with general-purpose I/O interfaces for top module and cobot integration, and a much bigger battery to support a full day of operation for both AMR and top modules. P200 supports over 10 different kinds of top modules and cobots to tackle any material transport tasks in warehouses, cleanrooms and production lines.


P200-2 is based on laser SLAM’s hybrid positioning and navigation technologies. It achieves repetitive indoor positioning precision at ±10 mm and allows to dock with various of surfaces. The YOUI-FLEET management system allows a fleet collaboration of up to 100 AMRs under the same system, enabling a ‘light-out’ operation across workshops. Electrical and safety interfaces for top module integration: Top compartment contains GPIO, ethernet, WLAN, power and auxilary safety interfaces required for cobots and top module integration, offering versatility for solution customisation


  •     YOUTUBE PLAYLIST (specs and use cases)

    • 200KG Payload
    • Built-in Power Supply for Top Module
    • 15 Hours Runtime (Standalone)
    • Comprehensive Interfaces for Top Module Integration
    • Safety Design for Emergency Override
    • Deploy Autonomously or Collaborate in a Fleet
    • LiDAR and 3D Vision
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