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3D camera (de)palletizing

We use Mech-Mind 3D cameras with any type of robotic arm to provide various solutions such as bin-picking, quality control and mixed box (de)palletizing.

Why choose a 3D camera palletizing system?

  1. Cost-effective: While 3D camera palletizing systems can require a significant initial investment, they can ultimately be cost-effective for businesses. With increased efficiency and accuracy, businesses can reduce labor costs and improve their overall bottom line. Additionally, the reduced risk of errors and damages can result in cost savings over time. Moreover, the mixed stackind can use up all of the space efficiently, fitting perfectly the different sized boxes in a pallet, essentially making a 3D tetris in real time.

  2. Flexibility: 3D camera palletizing systems are highly adaptable to different shapes and sizes of items, as well as different types of pallets. This flexibility allows businesses to handle a wider range of products, without having to invest in multiple different systems for different types of items.

  3. Enhanced accuracy: The precision of 3D camera palletizing systems is a significant advantage over traditional manual palletizing methods. The system can detect the exact location of each item on a pallet, ensuring that it is correctly positioned for transport or storage. This reduces the risk of damage to items during transport or storage, and reduces the likelihood of errors in the palletizing process.

  4. Increased efficiency: 3D camera palletizing systems can significantly increase the speed of palletizing and depalletizing processes. They can work around the clock and maintain a high level of accuracy, which leads to increased productivity and efficiency in operations. (Compared to manual labour)

  5. Improved safety: With 3D camera palletizing systems, there is a reduced need for manual labor, which can significantly decrease the risk of workplace injuries. Workers are not required to perform repetitive, physically demanding tasks, and can instead focus on other important aspects of the operation.

Overall, 3D camera palletizing systems offer a range of benefits that can lead to improved efficiency, accuracy, safety, and cost-effectiveness for businesses in various industries.

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Application examples

  • Food industry (Ensures position and orientation)

  • Consumer goods (Different sized goods)

  • Pharmaceutical (Can detect damages and ensures the safety of the fragile components)

  • Automotive (Can arrange car parts in the same position)

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