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Introducing the Powerhouse of Automation: FANUC Industrial Robots R30iA, R30iB, and R30iB Plus, Along with their Impressive Lineup LR, M Series, R Series, CR Series, Arc, P, M410, M710, R1000iA, R2000iB, and R2000iC


Experience the Future of Manufacturing with FANUC Industrial Robots, renowned for their unmatched precision, versatility, and efficiency. Our lineup includes the cutting-edge R30iA, R30iB, and R30iB Plus robot controllers, alongside a comprehensive range of LR, M Series, R Series, CR Series, Arc, P, M410, M710, R1000iA, R2000iB, and R2000iC robots. Each model is meticulously designed to deliver superior performance, empower your production lines, and streamline your manufacturing processes.

  • R30iA, R30iB, and R30iB Plus Robot Controllers: At the heart of FANUC's robotic systems, these state-of-the-art controllers provide exceptional motion control, precision path accuracy, and seamless integration with peripheral devices. With user-friendly interfaces and advanced programming capabilities, the R30i series ensures quick setup and easy customization to meet your specific automation needs.

  • LR Series: The LR series stands as a testament to FANUC's commitment to innovation. These collaborative robots are engineered to work alongside human operators safely and efficiently, enhancing productivity and reducing cycle times. The LR robots are ideal for various applications, including material handling, assembly, and packaging.

  • M Series: Versatile and agile, FANUC's M Series robots are built for quick and precise movements, making them perfect for pick-and-place tasks, part transfer, and lightweight assembly operations. Their compact design allows for easy integration into tight spaces, optimizing floor space utilization.

  • R Series: Offering a wide range of payload capacities, the R Series robots cater to diverse automation requirements. From the nimble R-1000iA to the robust R-2000iB, these robots excel in arc welding, material handling, and machine tending tasks, revolutionizing your manufacturing processes.

  • CR Series: Collaborative and intelligent, the CR Series robots are designed for seamless human-robot collaboration. With built-in safety features and advanced vision systems, they can effortlessly adapt to changing environments and tasks, facilitating maximum productivity and efficiency.

  • Arc Series: Precision and excellence define FANUC's Arc Series robots, engineered specifically for arc welding applications. These robots deliver high-quality welds, reduced cycle times, and superior arc performance, contributing to significant cost savings and improved weld consistency.

  • P Series: FANUC's P Series robots are perfect for painting, coating, and sealing operations. With outstanding repeatability and accuracy, these robots ensure flawless finishes and reduced material waste, elevating the quality of your products.

  • M410 and M710: Offering high-speed and high-precision performance, the M410 and M710 robots are built to optimize cycle times in material handling, machine loading, and unloading applications. Their advanced capabilities ensure smooth and efficient operations, increasing overall productivity.

  • R1000iA and R2000iB, R2000iC: Representing the epitome of strength and reliability, the R1000iA, R2000iB, and R2000iC robots tackle heavy-duty tasks with ease. From material removal to large-scale handling, these robots deliver unmatched power and endurance, enhancing your production capabilities.


With FANUC's renowned commitment to quality and innovation, our robots are designed to maximize uptime, minimize downtime, and optimize your manufacturing processes. Take your automation solutions to new heights with FANUC Industrial Robots. Contact us today to explore the vast potential of R30iA, R30iB, R30iB Plus, LR, M Series, R Series, CR Series, Arc, P, M410, M710, R1000iA, R2000iB, and R2000iC robots and elevate your manufacturing operations to unprecedented levels of efficiency and excellence.

FANUC robots R30iA R30iB & plus

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