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Yaskawa Basics 101 Tutorial: learn the basics, how to jog the robot and create the program

In this comprehensive tutorial, you will be introduced to YASKAWA industrial robot arms, formerly known as Motoman. In this case, the accompanying controller is the YRC1000. The YRC1000 cabinet is very similar to the DX200 and the commands and control remain the same. This continuity in philosophy from the previous models, such as the NX100 and DX100, ensures a smooth transition for those already familiar with YASKAWA robots.

The tutorial begins will demonstrate how to create a program for the robot arm. As the tutorial progresses, viewers are shown how to efficiently move the robot arm, both in manual and automatic modes and learn about some shortcuts for programming tasks.

While YASKAWA is widely recognized for its twin control and expertise in welding applications, this tutorial takes a different approach. It specifically focuses on testing the capabilities of the HC10 collaborative robot, which is part of YASKAWA's new product lineup. The tutorial showcases the collaborative nature of the HC10 and its compatibility with the onRobot VG10 electronic gripper. This gripper, known for its palletizing capabilities, offers a collaborative solution without the need for compressed air (pneumatics), enhancing safety and versatility in various applications.

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