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Exciting news ahead! Eurobots and Youibot are joining forces for the LogiMAT Expo 2024.

Discover innovative logistics solutions with us next month at the Logimat trade show, where we'll expose a selection of groundbreaking solutions.

These are the products we will show at the expo:

1. L300 AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot):

  • Versatile AMR featuring SLAM navigation and LiDAR scanners.

  • Tailored for logistics, intralogistics, and manufacturing processes.

  • Boasts a 300kg payload, a rotating upper platform, 8 hours of autonomy, QR code reader, and optional 3D vision.

2. AMR + COBOT SOLUTION: Autonomous mobile manipulator

  • AMRs integrating SLAM navigation and LiDAR scanners for self-location.

  • Versatile robots can lift shelves, pallets, or collaborative robot arms.

  • Applications span manipulation, pick and place, IDC inspections, semiconductor, and 3C industries.


  • Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for seamless object picking.

  • Swift integration with straightforward programming.

  • Trainable for specialized models and adaptable for quality control processes.


  • Elevate warehouse efficiency with speed and precision in palletizing.

  • Designed to meet the demands of diverse industries.

5. Youibot Forklift AT100:

  • Assisted automatic trolley robot crafted for intralogistics.

  • Customizable hardware and software with a rapid go-live time.

  • CE and ANSI/RIA compliant, boasting a 10kg payload, 8 hours runtime, and zero infrastructure changes.

Step into our stand for live demonstrations, interactive displays, and expert insights. Meet us face-to-face at stand number 6F57 during LogiMAT Expo 2024 on 19, 20 and 21st March 2024. Engage with our engineers, witness live demos, and get real-time answers to your queries.

For all inquiries related to our participation, drop us an email at We look forward to seeing you in Stuttgart!

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